Contact the Commissioner to get details
on the National SOM League Tournament



1) League Format - Games played via Computer using Computer Manager (CM). 

2) League Dues - $40.00 to be paid prior to the start of our Regular Season.

3) League Schedule - Total of 162 games. Played over the course of 27 weeks. Each week consists of 6 games
   (3 Home games and  3 Away games).

4) Playing According to the Schedule - The schedule is divided into 7 "Blocks" of Games. Each Block corresponds to 1-Month of the Calendar. We play and report all games in Block # 1 (April) before we move to the nex Block (May, etc...). The Month of September is split into two (2) Blocks.  DO NOT PLAY AHEAD OF THE SCHEDULE. The only time that games (could be) played outside of the current Block of games is during one of League "Face-to-Face" Get-Togethers. Contact the Commissioner for any other exceptions. 

5) Roster Size - Total Roster Size is 35 players. 27 players on your Active Roster and 8 players in your Minor League.

6) Minor League - A total of 8 players can be in your Minor League. The only time that it could be less than 35 players is if you made an trade and gave up more players in return for a lesser number of players. Anytime you "recall" a player(s) from your Minor League, you must "send down" to the Minors" the same number of players that you "called up" to your Roster. You may use your entire 35 man Roster beginning with Week # 23. 

7) Minor League Recall - You can recall players from your Minor League for any Road Series (Block of Games). The Players that you "call  up" will stay on your active Roster for the entire Block of games. The Home Team can "call up" Players prior to any week of a Series... but not before individual games of a Series.

8) Using a CM to play your Games - We play our games by using a Computer Manager (CM). 

9) Starting Pitchers with 3 Day Rest - Only Pitchers with 200+ innings listed on their SOM Card can start with 3Days Rest. All other Pitchers with Starter listed on their Card can start a game with 4 Days Rest. noteWe do not use the Asterisk Rule (if listed on a Pitchers Card) to determin who can Start a game with 3 Days Rest.

10) DH Rule - Yes, we use the DH for all games (Regular Season and Playoff Games)

11) Outfielders may play the other Outfield positons NOT listed on their SOM Card. ** See the chart under the RULES Tab for Fielding Adjustments. These Adjustments are "auto-adjusted" by the SOM Game.

12) Infielders CANNOT play infield positons that are not listed on their SOM Card. Furthremore, Infielders CANNOT play any OF positions. 

13) Players with 2 or more SOM Cards - You have a couple of options.
          a) You can elect to use the Players/Pitchers "Combo" Card
          b) You can chose to use either of the Players/Pitchers Card (you cannont use both). 
          c) 10% will be added to the choice you made (the Card that you will use)

14) Trading - Please review and understand the guidelines for making a trade... and the process that is required once you consumate a Trade with another Manager.

          a) Trades are to be made privately between the Managers involved (Could be more than two (2) Managers.

           b) All trades that are made will continue into subsequent years of G.U.S.S.O.M.O. 
           c) You  "own' all your Players/Pitchers until he is traded by you, cut by you, or no longer has a Strat-O-Matic card. One exception... you can elect to keep a Player/Pitcher on your Roster (even if he doesn't have a current card). Someone might be injured (no card), and you want to hold on to him when he does play again (and gets a card). 


15) Steps after Playing a Series - What you need to do after you play a ANY Series versus an Opponent. 

16) End of Block Reporting -

17) Protests - If you Follow the Rules and Follow your Opponents CM... there won't be     any protests.... It's just that Plain and Simple.  And one more thing....regarding your Opponents CM... Sometimes your Opponent might send you an addendum or special instructions via E-Mail --- asking you to manage his team a certain way (so as to help him prevent Over-Use of his Players/Pitchers). Make sure you check for addtional instructions that your Opponent may have sent to you via E-mail.