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Sunday was a great day for me. My daughter and boyfriend announce they are pregnant and getting married.We figure it was coming but not sure what order.We got both announcements in one day. So it was already a great day. I headed off to work

Sunday night the Red Sox come back and win game 4 of the World Series. Later that night Fenway’s owner Jason Dube sends a text to his life long buddy Kessel Run owner Jason Kip. (Yes we were the Jason’s) He says let's try and go to game five down in LA tomorrow. He has to do a little prodding.(He sent me a text that said..........Don’t be cheap, when you gonna go to a World Series game ever again???) Being an A’s fan, I didn’t have any skin in the game. But knowing my biggest heartbreak in my baseball life (Kirk Gibson 88 World Series) came at the hands of the Dodgers... I said lets do it. It would be awesome to see the Dodgers lose a World Series....(Sorry Jeff F).  So I got off work at 3 AM. And by 8:30 we had slept a little and then picked up a couple of other guys and we were on our way from Las Vegas to LA. We had Dube’s son and two other friends (Brian and Anthony) with us. As we are leaving town, I tell Brian to order tickets. He says they are looking at around $200 - $225 apiece. But he says lets wait. (Famous last words).  Halfway to LA, we stop in Barstow, California to get some food and use the rest room.  As we are sitting there eating, we finally decide to order tickets. Well tickets now ended up costing us $385 apiece. Since we decided to wait a couple of hours to order them. (I told them to order them when we left Vegas).  But I was the driver. We get to LA around 1:30pm and stop and eat at a nice café in downtown LA and then head to the game. We got seats in the LF bleachers. Now I am A’s fan though and through,,, but Jason Dube supplied me with a Nomar Garciaparra Red Sox jersey and hat. So I was a Red Sox fan for a day. The third batter of the game, Steve Pearce hits a bomb into the stands. We are celebrating the Sox taking an early lead when Dube’s phone starts blowing up. People are saying we are on TV. Then he gets a text with the actual game footage of us celebrating. It was awesome. The Red Sox go on to win the game and World Series of course. We hang around for about an hour with all the on field celebrations and award ceremony. We get back into Vegas around 2 AM. What a great day. The best baseball experience I have ever had. As I dropped off my buddies and I thanked them for allowing me to be a Red Sox fan for a day. And rolled into home around 2:30am.  A very long day but worth it. Next year should be a great year and hopefully we will be celebrating an A’s World Series (I can dream cant I???). I have added a couple of pictures and I hope I attached the game footage of us celebrating. Unfortunately for my buddy Anthony he didn’t make the film since he was high fiving the guy to his left.Thanks for listening.


Kessel Run


(Left) JASON DUBE (FENWAY FAITHFUL) and best friend (Right) JASON KIP (KESSEL RUN SMUGGLERS) at Dodger Stadium where they watched the Boston Red Sox beat up on the Los Angeles Dodgers

JASON KIP AND JASON DUBE enjoying the MLB World Series from the Left Field Pavillion at Dodger Stadium

(Left to Right --- JASON KIP, JASON DUBE'S SON - CAMERON along with friends BRIAN and ANTHONY)