Contact the Commissioner to get details
on the National SOM League Tournament









Jim Phelps - Seattle Pilots

You have to characterize the Seattle Pilots management team as 'slow learners'. It took them 18 seasons to win a Division title and 25 years to secure their first World Series Championship. The Pilots are managed by Jim Phelps, a cautious trader and hopelessly optimistic drafter. Jim began his Strat-O career in the spring of 1969, the year his beloved team (the real, but short-lived, Seattle Pilots) joined the American League.  
Member Since: 1984
Age: 61
Residence: Chelan, WA
Occupation: Sr. Project Manager for Concur Technologies Corp (and SAP Company).. I implement web-based corporate expense management software.
Family Info: I have 2 kids
Favorite Teams: 1969 Seattle Pilots, Seattle Mariners, Seattle Seahawks, University of Virginia basketball, Cleveland Cavaliers
Favorite Players: All time: Mickey Mantle; present day - Grady Sizemore; Joe Harris (Cleveland basketball)
Hobbies: Golf, Gardening, Strat
Strat Background: Began playing Strat in 1969 with the 1968 Expansion set. Played in a couple of PBM leagues in the early 70's. Didn't pick it back up again until '85 when I joined G.U.S.S.O.M.O.




Mike Lefkow - Concord Grape

The 2012 season marks too many years to count in G.U.S.S.O.M.O.. But the league is fun and it's hard to believe the years have passed so quickly. Think I've been to the World Series four times, with victories over two defunct teams -- North Bay and Mexicali -- and losses to Georgia and Albany. Spot a trend here? I win the title and the losing team folds. I'm 59, unmarried, unloved and still a Giants fan, although I covered baseball for too long to really care. What I'd really like to see is all 30 teams finish 81-81 and see how Bud unscrambles that tie. I'm an assistant sports editor for the Bay Area News Group (Contra Costa Times, Oakland Tribune, San Jose Mercury News), and my departments are baseball (Giants/A's) and hockey (San Jose Sharks). I also keep a close eye on the colleges (Cal/Stanford/St. Mary's). I've played Strato since college, but did not join a league until I had been out of school for about six years, when I hooked up with G.U.S.S.O.M.O.



Member Since: 1980
Age: 60


Walnut Creek

Marital Status:




1 dog, 1 cat

Assistant sports editor, Contra Costa Times/Oakland Tribune/San Jose Mercury News before I stupidly agreed to become an Editor.  I spent many years as a Reporter, covering Stanford Football (4 years), Cal Football (1 year), S.F. Giants (6 years), Oakland A's (7 years) and the S.F. 49er's (1 year)..

Favorite Teams: S.F. Giants, Seattle Seahawks, Oakland Raiders, Univ. of Washington Huskies (I'm a Seattle native), San Jose State Spartans and San Jose Sharks.. .
Favorite Players: Willie Mays, Elgin Baylor
Hobbies: Strat, Music
Strat Background: Started playing in College.  Joined GUSSOMO in 1981.  Have won two (2) Championships -- against Bradd Stine and Jim Criscione -- neither in the League any longer.  Lost World Series to Georgia and Albany.  Also play in one other Strato League.  I'm in two Baseball Fantasy Leagues and one Football Fantasy League.. .



Jeff Fleischman - Piney Creek Palookas

Previously... We were the San Jose Gringos, San Jose Sultans, San Jose Replacements, Aurora Borealis and the Mile High Maggots.



Member Since: 1971 (the beginning of time!)
Age: 62
Residence: Centennial, CO




Married for 21 years to Robyn... who "let's me" play Strat-O-Matic
We have an 20 year old daughter, Sydney who graduated from Smokey Hill High School in Aurora, CO.  She is beginning her 3rd year (Junior) of College...  lives off Campus and is attending CSU (Colorado State University) in Fort Collins, CO majoring in Theatre Arts Performance and Business (recently performed as the "lead" part in the Spring Musical - Little Shop of Horrors, worked part-time (during her breaks from School at Godiva Chocolate, a Classroom Teaching Assistant and in the Kappa Delta Fraternity.  Her new job is as a Counselor for KDIA at Colorado State University Center for the Arts.    I also have two Sons (Joel - 37 years old), works in a Government Administration job in Sacramento, CA and Richard (33 years old).  Richard works as a Senior IT Project Manager for PayPal and lives in San Jose, CA.


Favorite Teams:
Sales and Operations Manager

Los Angeles Dodgers, Denver Broncos, Colorado Rockies
Favorite Players: Sandy Koufax, Wes Parker, Steve Garvey, Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, Wilt Chamberlain, Happy Harriston.  Also like Archie Grahm, Billy Chapel, Chico Escuela and "Shoeless" Joe Jackson.
Hobbies: Strat, Sports Officiating (Baseball Umpire and Basketball Referee) Youth, High School and College level.
Strat Background: Started playing in 1969 or 1970 (seems so long ago, I can't remember!). Organized G.U.S.S.O.M.O. in March of 1971  Was in the Core 4 Retro League (1960 season) and made it to the Playoffs. Also played the 1961 season, but decided not to continue as a Manager.  Looking for a solid Retro League to join.



Larry D. Steinberg - Chicago Mob

Manager Fred Turtle -- I took over the managerial duties in 2002.  A North American Red Eared Slider, I was adopted by the kindly Steinberg family 18 years ago after a series of bad experiences in several foster homes.  I'm basically a rescue turtle.  Because of that my birth records are not available, although my age is estimated to be in the mid 20's.  I love baseball of course, mealworms, grasshoppers the occasional fish and my sun lamp.  Other interests are television, reading nature journals, digging in gravel and swimming.  

I have a more aggressive managerial style than the previous manager.  I expect my players to give 100% all the time or it's aquarium cleaning duties.  I welcome the challenge of managing and expect to be in the post season every year.  2014 was exciting but also disappointing.  The team worked hard to get into the world series but ran into an unexpected buzz saw in Busters' A.J. Griffin.  Earning manager of the year was nice, thank you.  And now, on to the GM.

GM Larry Steinberg -- Member since 1971

Birth Date 12/28/1953.  You can do the math    (62)

Residence:  Algonquin, Illinois, about 45 miles NW of downtown Chicago.

Occupation:  Medical Laboratoy Technologist, specializing in Immunohematology (Blood Bank).  Have worked at Swedish Covenant Hospital for 26 years.  Birth place of Harrison Ford (Are you reading, Jason??).  

Favorite Teams:  Basically a Chicago fan.  White Sox are #1 with me. And Baseball.  I follow the Bulls, Black Hawks and Bears when they are doing well but generally am not as big a fan of the sport as Baseball.  I'll watch MLB post season, not so much the other sports.  Not a Cubs fan but was OK with them doing well in 2015 and will hope for the same in the future, but come Cub/Sox series, I'll root for the Sox every time.  No exception.

Favorite Players:  Can't say I have a favorite at this point in my life.  Can say the last one was Frank Thomas.  My favorite player as a child and first becoming baseball aware was Willie Mays.  I loved the way he crushed the Cubs every time the Giants came to town.  My favorite player of all time is Walter Payton.

Hobbies:  Sad to say Strat is the only real hobby I have.  Used to do lot's of other stuff.  Have been going to a lot of concerts of late in many genre's.  Just saw Carl Palmer of ELP.  Have seen Greg Lake solo.  Keith??  Also just saw Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers, with Martin Short.  Next up, Black Sabbath on 1/22/16.  Only 3 TV shows I watch regularly.  Walking Dead (believe it or not), Dr. Who (Unbelievably creative and challenging) and Top Gear (Now off the air due to their star going off on a staffer last year.  May return on Netflix or some other on line entity).

Strat Backround:  Saw an add for Strat-O-Matic in a 1967 X-Men comic book.  I disobeyed my mother and sent away for it anyway.  Odd that it was an X-Men comic that I had, because I was exclusively a DC comics reader (Superman, Batman, etc.).  Fate.  Introduced it to my neighborhood friends and we wasted many hours playing.  Joined GUSSOMO in 1971, left in 1977 and rejoined in 1980.  I play baseball exclusively.  Dabbled with the other games but gave up on football in the late 70's.  Besides this league, I'm in the Charles O. Finley league, owning the Red Sox and after losing in the world series twice, my 1982 team finally won it all in 2014.  Also a recent member of Clay Grant's MATSA league with the Fox Valley Zephyrs.  Was going to call the team the Terrapins but Fred would have none of it.  I have been invited to other leagues but 3 is pushing it for me.  Can't see how so many guys are in so many leagues and still have a life.  

Other:  Married to Elaine Cheney 10/23/83 (again, you can do the math).  Two boys.  Evan you know, and Sam (many of you know).  Fairly active in our synagogue.  Recently retired from the board of directors as treasurer for 4 years.  Have learned how to read Torah and do so 2 or 3 times a year.  Currently have 4 cats as well as Fred Turtle.  Politically a lefty, to the point of being obnoxious about it at one point but toned it down (no more letters to the editor).  I bite my tongue now but living in tea party land makes it tough.  That's it for now.  Submitted 12/3/2015.

Donald Trump.   Seriously?????








Kevin Martin - Richmond Banshees

Been playing Strat for more the 30 years and enjoy its release from the pressures of the real world.  Currently, I participate in three baseball leagues.  If you could get inside my head, one would realize while sitting in workplace meetings, or discussion with my wife, I often am really thinking that Vladimire Guerrero (insert anyone from any of my three leagues) batted .297 last year and has enough at bats to get me through the season.  The mind never really wonders far from Strat, but somehow I disguise my veiled interest enough to get through life.  I've been married since 1997 with three wonderful kids that fill my non-Strat life with much angst and joy.  I am happiest at the beach, either playing with my children, or talking Strat (technology is great).


Member Since: 1990
Age: 45
Residence: Chester, VA (suburb of Richmond)
Occupation: Human Resources and Safety Manager, UPS Ffright
Favorite Teams: Virginia Tech, Virginia Tech, Virginia Tech, Atlanta Braves and Dallas Cowboys
Favorite Players: Ricky Henderson, Dale murphy; current player Jason Heyward
Hobbies: Watching my kids play sports (Adam plays baseball, soccer, basketball), Strat.



Bob Galvin- Northwest Ohio Franconians

Member Since: 1974 - 1994, 2016
Residence: Maumee, Ohio
Favorite Teams:  
Favorite Players:  
Strat Background:  

Family Info:             



John Polumbo - Mississippi Big Orange

After rescuing a miserable franchise from Ephrata in 1995, we endured years of losing to build a winner. Big Orange managed by John Polumbo, born to be in GUSSOMO. Learned from one of the league's top dogs. Made first playoff appearance in 7th year of existence. 7 Trips to the postseason since. Runner-Up in 2011.  
Member Since: 1995
Age: 34
Residence: --
Occupation: Morning Executive Producer for WKRNTV, Nashville's ABC Affiliate
Favorite Teams: Detroit Tigers (Good & Bad), Atlanta Braves, Syracuse Orange, Vanderbilt Commodores, Tennessee Titans, Nashville Predators
Favorite Players: Robin Ventura, Jim Thome. Non-Baseball: John Elway
Hobbies: Running, Strat
Strat Background:

Strat Background: Began playing Strat as a young lad in mid-1980's with Old Timers sets. "Asst. Mgr" For Dad at age 12. Joined Gussomo in 1995 as league's 1st "2nd generation" manager.



Will Polumbo - Toronto Titans

I joined the League in 1998, in my Junior year of High School, and promptly got fleeced in first trade, dealing away slugger Ray Lankford for Troy Percival.

Since joining the League, I've gone to College (go Blue!), married my wife Adrienne, gone through several jobs - I'm now a marketing manger at Atlas Copco, and industrial power tool manufacturer - and had two future GUSSOMO managers with my wife.  Max is three and getting ready for pre-school, and Ian is our latest addition, four months old, and I think he's getting up to speed on my line-ups already.

In GUSSOMO, my team has had four World Series appearances, and we finally broke through and won one in 2010.

My All-Time Team:

C - Ramon Hernandez
1B - Justin Morneau
2B - Chase Utley
SS - Jimmy Rollins
3B - Aramis Ramirez
LF - Manny Ramirez
CF - Vernon Wells
RF - Shinn-Soo Choo
SP - Bartolo Colon
RP - Jonathan Pabelbon


Member Since: 1996
Age: 33
Residence: Toronto, Canada
Occupation: Product Manager at Pneumatic Tool Company
Favorite Teams: The Detroit Tigers
Favorite Players: Anyone on my Gussomo team
Hobbies: Strat-o-Matic, of course!
Strat Background: I started in Gussomo by running my dad's drafts, then managed Earl Brock's team and Dave Taylor's team for a year during their respective hiatuses before getting my own team when I was 17. The ace of my first pitching staff was Darren Oliver, and my first draft pick was Jaret Wright.


Joe Hamrahi - Suffolk Swashbucklers



Member Since: 2017
Age: 48
Residence: Holbrook, NY
Occupation: Occupation: Chief Operating Officer (COO) for M Booth (NYC communications company)
Favorite Teams: New York Mets, New York Rangers, Dallas Cowboys. I also enjoy college basketball and follow Syracuse since that's where my two oldest kids go. Not a big fan of the NBA.
Favorite Players: Baseball - Andre Dawson, Robin Ventura, Mike Piazza, Willie Montanez; Football - Tony Dorsett, Everson Walls, Larry Allen; Tony Romo; Hockey - Brian Leetch, Henrik Lundqvist
Hobbies: Strat baseball and Strat football, Amateur baseball scouting, Music, Movies, Traveling
Strat Background:

Began playing at the age of 12. Joined my first PBM league at 16 and have been playing ever since. Ran a few leagues over the years myself. 

I'm a long time Strat vet (35+ years and numerous leagues). I also ran my own baseball web site and was the president of Baseball Prospectus for 3 years (was there for 6 years 2008-2014). I was a member of the Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA) and went to scout school with the Kansas City Royals. I was an associate scout for the Royals in 2008-2009 and am currently an associate scout for the St. Louis Cardinals. For 2 of the past 3 years I was a co-host of MLB Roundtrip with Perfect Game on SiriusXM radio on Sunday nights with Daron Sutton. I'm happy to join GUSSOMO this year for my first season (2018). I have large rebuilding project ahead of me, but I'm hoping my baseball experience will help me turn around the franchise in short order.

Family Info: Married for 22 years and have 3 kids - ages 20, 18, and 15




Don  Sprague  -  Wrigley Raiders

I enjoy baseball because of all the stats that are associated with the game.  I see about 50 Cub games a year (Home and Road).  I   am a season ticket holder with 4 seats about 20 rows behind home plate and love day games during Monday - Friday.  I have a dislike for the St. Louis Team and that other Chicago Team... but love their fans and the passion they show for their team!!

            Don Sprague (Alias "Captain Morgan" – ESPN Contest winner)




Member Since: 2001
Age: 69
Residence: Geneva, Illinois and Wrigley Field
Occupation: Retired after 38 years from AT&T and now manage the Chicago Division of ADEX Engineering  and Installation Corporation.
Favorite Teams: Chicago Cubs and The Chicago Cubs
Favorite Players: Ron Santo, Fergie Jenkins, Mickey Mantle and my Favorite Manager Leo Durocher
Hobbies: Golf, Strat, Trivia and Drinking a few Miller Lites while talking baseball.
Strat Background: Began playing Strat in 1969 and now play in 5 leagues

Married and have two
sons that live near the
Friendly Confines

Don Sprague (Alias "Captain Morgan" – ESPN Contest winner)






Andy Rosenberg - Buster's Battalions


My first experience with Strat-O-Matic was in the mid-60's, and I recall having to choose between Willie Mays and his 52 dingers (virtually unheard of back then) and Sandy Koufax, who I think had a walk at 5-4 and 5-5 buried amongst the K's. Say Hey, guess who I took? A few years later, sleep-away college, and hippiedom beckoned, and the game got shelved. Years later, while visiting a friend at his brother's house(prior to going to the Vet to see the Phils lose to the Cubbies), I noticed the familiar red box sitting on his kitchen table. "Boy, I used to love that game", I blurted out, and my spirits rose when he replied, "We have a league, and an opening if you're interested". Now, I spend much too much time pouring over the morning boxscores, getting pissed off when the shutout my pitcher hurled was an 8-hitter with 4 walks. In "real life", I am 49 years old, quite fond of my dog, and have initiated my nephews (ages 17 & 14) into the game. When I am not taking my dog out,enjoying Bob Dylan or thinking about baseball, I sell Bakery equipment. I look forward to being a member of G.U.S.S.O.M.O., and hope to become an "Old-Timer" in the league. If you're ever in or around Philadelphia, please come by.

Member Since: 2001
Age: 64
Residence: Philadelphia, PA
Occupation: retired, formerly sold industrial bakery equipment for 28 years
Favorite Teams: World Champion Philadelphia Phillies
Favorite Players: Chase Utley
Hobbies: Dogs, music.
Strat Background: First played 1965-68, have been playing since 1989 in my 2nd round of addiction.



Chris Beddick - Latrobe Dawgs 

Member since: 2017
Age: 44

Residence: Latrobe, PA

Occupation: Agent for State Farm Insurance since 2001. Have been with SF for over 20 years in various other capacities.

Family Info: Married to Kristin since 2002. We have 2 sons, Will age 14 and Jack age 12

Favorite Teams: Pittsburgh Penguins, Pirates, Steelers

Favorite Players: All time: Mario Lemieux, Willie Stargell. Jack Lambert present day - Andrew McCutchen, Mike Trout, Sidney Crosby

Hobbies: Coaching Youth Baseball and Hockey. Pittsburgh Penguins season ticket holder. Playing Strat of course

Strat Background: Began playing in 1982 when I got strat baseball as Christmas present. Got back into after some time away in 2003. I  play baseball and hockey in online draft keeper leagues. I introduced my 12-year-old to strat cards and dice last season and he loves it. We play that often now. 





Jason Dube - Fenway Faithful

I was introduced to Strat-o-Matic by my Father,who I have been in numerous leagues with. It started in 1987 when my dad and I would replay the 86 season head to head. It took me 26 games to gain my first victory, and oh what a glorious victory it was. A ninth inning homerun by Johhnie Ray. It was a great moment until I was caught off guard by the biggest tirade I have ever seen an adult man have. I was shocked, what was a 12 year old boy to do, I had never heard so many "F words" come out of my Father's mouth. So I did what any 12 year old boy would do, I swore back at him telling him how much of a @$$hole he was being and that he was acting younger than me. That sadly to say was the last of our head to head games for several years. I was hooked though and immediatley started playing solitaire. Until I met a teammate on my highschool baseball team by the name of Jason Kip.(manager of the Sin City franchise) We have been in a number of different leagues together since, and have stayed best of friends til this day.

Last by not least the thing I dread most... WORK.  Just kidding.... I am a pit boss at a Las Vegas resort.  On an everyday basis, I get to watch peoples dreams go up in smoke, along with their saving and checking accounts.  It really is a great job, but it has its down sides, like seeing somebody come in and blow their mortgage payment on a Blackjack Table... then watching them act like the biggest (make that the second biggest) @$$hole I've seen since 1987.

Member Since: 2002
Age: 38

Divorced - one child (Cam, 7 years old)
Residence: Las Vegas, NV
Occupation: Las Vegas Casino Pit Boss
Favorite Teams: BoSox, Pats, Celtics, Bruins and B.C.

(Teams I hate -- Yankees, Dodgers, Lakers, NY Giants, 49ers and Canadiens)
Favorite Players: Of all time Larry Bird, Cam Neely (my son was named after him), Tom Brady, Dwight Evans, favorite current player is Dustin Pedroia..
Hobbies: Golf, softball, skiing, fantasy football and anything I can do with my son.
Strat Background: Started in 1985 playing the 78' season. Have been playing ever since.


Jason Kip - Kessel Run Smugglers

My name is Jason Kip.I live in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Yes, I am a fan of Star Wars, hence I recently changed my team name from the Nal Hutta Bounty Hunters to the Kessel Run Smugglers.  I am a floor supervisor ("Pit Boss") at the Encore Casino.  I have lived in Las Vegas since 1985. After High School,  I spent 4 years in the Air Force pretty much traveling the World.  I started playing Strat-O-Matic in 1987 when my best friend Jason Dube (manager of the Fenway Faithful) introduced the game to me.  I have been married to my wife Karin since 1998 and my only child Amanda "Panda" was born later that same year.



Member Since: 2001
Age: 43
Residence: Las Vegas
Occupation: Pit Boss
Favorite Teams: Oakland A's,Denver Broncos,Utah Jazz
Favorite Players: Reggie Jackson
Hobbies: Star Wars collection, Strat-o-Matic
Strat Background: Got into Stratomatic in 1987 when my friend Jason Dube introduced it to me. Have ordered some version of the game every year since. Even when I was in the military overseas, I have played strat in Cuba, Saudi Arabia and Spain.



Jeff Wadkowski - Gotham City Batmen

I grew up in Southern California, where I met my wife.  We then moved to Las Vegas where my two children were born.  That is where I first started playing Strat-O-Matic baseball.  After a 12 year stay in Vegas, we moved to Iowa.  
Member Since: 2002
Age: 46
Residence: Asbury Iowa
Occupation: Shift Manager - Mystique Casino
Favorite Teams: Cubs, Steelers Lakers
Favorite Players: Ryne Sandberg, Jack Lambert, Magic Johnson
Hobbies: Going to many events my kids are involved in.  Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Football.  Watching horror movies.
Strat Background: I started playing strat in 2000 when some friends started a league. I started in G.U.S.S.O.M.O. in 2002. I am currently in four strat leagues, but G.U.S.S.O.M.O. has set the standard for other Strat leagues with its annual get-together.



Lars Nielsen - Greensboro Smoke

I was introduced to Strat early on after playing Championship Baseball throughout the summer of 1984 and wanting to do more.  Though my time playing sports through high school and college interfered with time playing Strat, it was something that I came back to with vigor in 1998.  I still remember the change from praying for Double Sixes to praying against Double Sixes (and Double Ones) and that dreaded +inj. on so many cards.  I have lived throughout the U.S. from Chicago, Kansas City, Denver, Green Bay, Minneapolis, Duluth, Detroit, Dallas, Los Angeles before finally setting again in my home state of Colorado with my amazing wife, Dr. Beth and my two toddler daughters.  
I have spent the past twenty years coaching collegiate and junior Olympic volleyball, being a pastor, a chaplain and since 2007, been a coach and teacher (History/Theology) at Valor Christian High School in Highlands Ranch.  Whether investing in tomorrow's leaders, leading team's overseas (Germany, Italy, Switzerland, England and soon Cuba or cheering on our athletes...there is not much moss growing under our feet.  And in certain seasons, I love to watch/listen to my wife at various Opera Companies around the US.

Excited to join G.U.S.S.O.M.O. after being a lurker around the league the last couple of years.  And see if our boys in Green and Gray can bring victory to Greensboro, in one more league.


Member Since: 2017
Age: 41
Residence: Higlands Ranch, CO
Occupation: Senior Instructor of History and Theology, Valor Christian
Favorite Teams: Colorado Rockies, Denver Broncos, Team USA Volleyball, Valor Christian Eagles.
Favorite Players: All-time - Jimmie Foxx, Luis Aparcio (Thanks to my old man), Eric Davis, Rob Dibble, Eric Sabo, Andres Galarraga, Todd Helton, & all my former athletes
Hobbies: Playing with my girls, Opera/Musical Theatre with the Mrs., Volleyball, Writing
Strat Background: Started in '98 with an All-Time League, now since defunct.  Won two World Series in four years of time.  Later entered a variety of leagues, was the commissioner of Ultimate League of Baseball, here in Colorado.  Handed the league over which folded two years later.  Favorite Strat moment: last year, winning the World Series, Game 7 in the 12th Inning with a Home Run from Adam Jones.



Dave Shuey - Stanford Robber Barons

Member Since: 1990 - 2000, 2015 
Age: 48
Residence: Clayton, CA
Occupation: Attorney, 
Mayor of Clayton, CA
Favorite Teams:

A's, Colts (Andrew Luck), all Stanford, Rockies

Favorite Players:

Troy Tulowitzki, Huston Street, Buster Posey,Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Josh Gibson, Babe Ruth, Joe Rudi, 

Hobbies: Baseball, Coaching Sports, Drinking, Reading, Bocce, Archery, Drinking
Strat Background:

Started as a 7 year old in 1973 with my friend Craig Zetterberg and been playing ever since. Been active in several Leagues since early 90's and plan to go out playing Strat and Drinking a Beer!




Mike Volberding - Kona Coast Coffee Growers

As you know, I was an original G.U.S.S.O.M.O. member and I remember playing for a few years. I grew up in Seattle. My heart was broken when the Seattle Pilots left for Milwaukee and Bud Selig on April Fool's Day, 1970.  
Member Since: 1971
Age: 55
Residence: Danville, CA
Favorite Teams: Oakland A's, San Francisco 49er's, San Jose Sharks
Favorite Players:  
Strat Background:

Original League Member of GUSSOMO, 1971.



Jamie Harner - Grand Rapids Micro Brewers


NAME: Jamie Harner
CITY/STATE: Grandville, Michigan
ALL-TIME FAVORITE BASEBALL PLAYER:  Mickey Lolich (He was one of my neighbors growing up)
FAVORITE BASEBALL PLAYER CURRENTLY: Victor Martinez and Miguel Cabrera
FAVORITE SPORT (if baseball, then what's No. 2?): Hockey
FAVORITE NON-SPORTS HOBBY:  Geocaching and Hiking
WHAT'S A "FUN FACT" ABOUT YOU? (Could be anything. Celebrity sighting, unusual hobby, etc.)  Sat next to Floyd Mayweather and  his entourage on a flight from Cincinatti to Grand Rapids after one of his title fights.



Evan Steinberg -
McHenry County Cybermen

My father has been with G.U.S.S.O.M.O. for what seems like an eternity so i decided to see what this was all about. I would watch my Dad play his games on the computer and ask him boatloads of questions. Reluctantly he would answer and once in a while he would ask me for advice. Now, starting my second year as a manager I am hoping that I will have a better year than my first. I like all kinds of sports, but my favorite is lacrosse. I can't wait for the season to start... and good luck to all.



Member Since: 2008
Age: 21
Residence: Algonquin, Illinois
Occupation: Student
Favorite Teams: Chicago White Sox
Favorite Players:  
Hobbies: Lacrosse and Drums
Strat Background:  




Bob Morelli - Long Island Hounds



Member Since: 2009
Age: 43
Residence: Selden, Suffolk County Long Island

I have been with National Grid (formely Keyspan,Originally when I Started Lilco) the gas and electric company of Long Island for 21 years. I have been with the Collections Dept for the past 12 years

Married for 19 years

One Daughter - 10 years old, named Tess

Favorite Teams: New York Mets, New York Rangers, New York Giants

(hate the New York Yankees!)
Favorite Players: Keith Hernandez, David Wright, Mike Piazza
Hobbies: Golf, Strat., Poker
Strat Background: I started playing in a face to face league about 25 years ago. When that League ended, I started playing in Computer leagues. My most memorable moment was winning 3 straight championships in a 20 team league.



Andrew Phelps - Washington Senators

Member Since: 2009


Married - 4 years
Janelle and I welcomed our first child into our family this past August - Hunter Lell Phelps

Residence: Arllington, VA
Occupation: Currently a student at George Washington University in DC, trying to get an MBA.  Will start as a consultant for Deloitte in Summer of 2013.
Favorite Teams:

Washington Nationals

Teams I hate - Boston Red Sox

Favorite Players: Stephen Strasburg, Albert Pujols, and in NCAA Basketball UVA's Joe Harris (cousin)
Hobbies: Strat-o-Matic
Strat Background:

Now entering my fourth season (2013) with a team that doesn't seems to improve. First cut my teeth under the tutelage of Seattle Pilots manager (and father), Jim Phelps. Optimistic that the move from North Carolina to Virginia will somehow improve the Catfish




Ray Ross - Airway Heights Spartans

Family Info: Married to Nadine for 32 years. No Kids. 

Education: High School - Sumner High School in Sumner WA, College- Pacific Lutheran Universtiy in Pakland, WA 

Member Since: 2014
Age: 61
Residence: Airway Heights, WA
Web Consultant for Web. com. in Spokane, WA.   I finalize sales and provide floor support as needed to ensure everything gets done as scheduled. I capture information needed to optimize existing websites and interview individuals over the phone for the appropriate information required for the first version of corporate websites and Facebook pages.  In orther chapters of my life, I was a teacher/coach and sold both health and life insurance.
Favorite Teams: Seattle Mariners and as a kid, the Pittsburgh Pirates.
Favorite Players: Ken Griffey, Jr, Jay Buhner, Roberto Clemente and Kyle Seager.
Hobbies: Working out and Classic Rock
Strat Background:

I participate in several Leagues most notably the MMDA ( and co-run a Retro League that started with the '61 season and is currently in the '02 season.  I started playing Strat in High School with the '71 season and for the past 30 years I have been playing in current and Retro League. 



Ralph Polumbo - Albany Internationals

Ralph is the father of two league member (John and Will) which gives him extra incentives to "stay on top." Current record holder of the "Al Davis" record for most franchise location changes... 6.  
Member Since: 1977
Age: 12/31/1951 -- that's like... 64
Residence: Schenectady, New York (for now)
Occupation: President - AEC
Favorite Teams: Minnesota Twins, Philly Eagles, Penn State
Favorite Players: Clete Boyer, Mickey Mantle, Omar Vizquel
Hobbies: Strato (duh); squash (for now); bothering my wife (which might move ahead of squash once I am retired)
Strat Background:

Was introduced to Strat-O-Matic in graduate school (1974) by former manager and good guy, Dave Hendricks. Still have the logs of old-timer replays with wife Alice who went above and beyond to satisfy my passion for the game. Have enjoyed growing old and older with many of the current managers. The newer and younger guys probably wouldn't believe that this aging bunch actually came together one year at a Detroit get together to beat a local softball team on its home turf!