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Nar Shaddaa Mandalorians


The annual grand council of the Hutts took place at the end of the GUSSOMO season. The main discussion this year was the abysmal 33-129 record this season. Going into the season it was well know that the franchise was in a rebuilding mode. Because of this the team name was changed to the Kessel Run Smugglers so as to disassociate the franchise with the Nal Hutta brand.



Not wanting to look weak to all the other syndicates in the galaxy, someone had to pay the price for the terrible season. Franchise GM Jason Kip was the one chosen as he was frozen in carbonite and hung on a wall for all too see.


After the freezing of the franchise's longtime GM, a few GM's came to the council to try and reverse the Hutt's decision concerning Jason Kip. Jeff Fleischman, Jason Dube, Jeff Wadkowski all appeared before the Hutt's on Jason's behalf. After long negotiations it was determined that Jason Kip will be thawed out and allowed to resume his GM duties. With the stipulation that we win 70 games next season, or else the carbonite outfit will be permanent.




After being unthawed Jason has requested and been approved to move the franchise to Nar Shaddaa. Here is a little info about Nar Shaddaa


Nar Shaddaa, nicknamed the "Smuggler's Moon," is the notorious moon of the planet Nal Hutta, homeworld of the Hutt species. It is home to a large criminal underworld dominated by bounty hunters and Hutt crime lords. An ecumenopolis, the entire surface of Nar Shaddaa is covered in urban sprawl. It is the homeworld of the near-human bounty hunter Aurra Sing, the Zabrak Jedi Master Eeth Koth, and the Jablogian slaver Azmorigan.One of its cities, Hutta Town, was ruled by Grakkus the Hutt.





Trying to develop a strong image the team will drop the Smugglers name and now be called the Mandalorians. The Mandalorians are know for being one of the galaxy's most fearsome fighting forces. Some of the most well know Mandalore's include Jango Fett(All the empire's soldiers where originally cloned from his DNA) and his son Boba Fett.


So the Kessel Run Smugglers have officially moved and changed their name. They will be know as the

Nar Shaddaa Mandalorians